Cutting-edge trail design and construction techniques tailored to fit the experiences our clients are looking for.

Handbuilt Trails

From backcountry hiking and biking trail construction
and maintenance to downhill race courses.

We love getting our hands dirty and building trails the hard way, by hand! It is a great way to perform general maintenance on trails that are not accessible by machine, or to build trails in a certain way that a machine just can’t do. Building by hand opens up many more opportunities for creative trail designs, both for hiking and mountain biking.

Bike Parks & Pump Tracks

Purpose-built trails for mountain bike riders of all abilities
including rythm trails, pumptracks, jump lines & slalom tracks.

Whether you want a small backyard pumptrack to ride daily or a full-on bike park design and build, it’s no big deal! Bike Park style trails have big berms, jumps, rollers and are typically very feature-rich throughout the whole trail. No matter the skill level it is intended for, we can do it!


Rocks can be utilized in endless ways to  build better
trails, from erosion control to steps to rock gardens.

There is no other trail building material that lasts longer than rocks! We use them for building steps on hiking trails, armoring for low areas and steep grades and piece them together like a puzzle to form bomb-proof sections of trails. They are also great for armoring creek crossing and building technical sections of trail.


Corridor brushing, drainage cleaning, outsloping,
sight-line clearing and reroutes

There are a lot of trails out there, and most of them could use some love.  As we continue to build more new trails, the old ones seem to get less and less maintenance.  Bringing trails back to life is just as gratifying as building a new one.  A yearly maintenance package is a great way to keep them in good shape


We can help you with everything from initial design consultation and mapping to full turnkey construction.  Whether you want that backcountry solitude on a hike or to get some big air on your bike, we would be happy to build it!  Projects are generally lined up well in advance, so contact us for more info!

Mike Thomas | terratektrails@gmail.com | 336-601-8822